Good trade idea?

So I need your guy’s opinion. Some dude wants to trade his slightly damaged cliff with no box for my mib first run AC. Is it a good idea or should I try to get a better offer?

I would have him throw in something extra (around $15 worth). Although people want Cliffs right now, they’ll be worth less interested he future when more are released. It’s happened with every CLYW.

If you look in bst many people want cliffs and they are amazing

Make him add a sweetener then its fair. For example a token or a yyj bimetal. Or just extra cash straight. Id say around 20 bucks.

Yes, squeeze every last penny out of him.

All that matters is if YOU think it’s a fair trade. If you want a Cliff more than an AC, go fo’ it.

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As a Cliff and AC owner, I wouldn’t make that trade. It’s not necessarily a bad trade either way depending on the damage, but I think the AC is as good or better in terms of play so I see no reason to settle for anything less than a straight mib/mib trade, personally.

That slightly damaged and no box Cliff is also going to be harder for you to trade or sell off than your mib AC will be as well, so if that matters to you, it’s a factor.

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I say No !

I agree with Stookie, the Arctic Circle plays better than a Cliff IMO, and with a touch of patience you will likely find a better deal.
I personally would have a hard time trading a MIB YoYo for one that is damaged or lacking something like the box, or in this case…both.

It’s really a matter of how patient you are to get a Cliff. As I see it, time is on your side. The Cliff is not going away anytime soon. There will be many more produced.

But ultimately, your opinion is all that matters.

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I have a feeling you could find a mint one someone would trade for it IMO

Id stick with the AC or look for a better trade. The AC is a top of the line CLYW throw, with the cliff not really being any better, just heavier and more steep angles

I love my Cliff but if I were you I would try to somehow get the Cliff while keeping the AC

The Cliff is much more stable. They are both good, but the Cliff is better, IMO.

Thanks for the help guys!

If you ever EVER feel uncomfortable about a trade… then don’t do it. You will either end up loving the risk or completely regretting trading a yoyo you loved. Which… they’re just yoyos… but I’ve made trades just out of pure compulsion with yoyos I love and regretted it immediately. Follow your gut.

I received a Cliff and an AC yesterday and threw them back to back and I must say that the Cliff is more stable and plays great, some people say ‘floaty’ but I would say it’s a more solid throw. Also, I think an AC for a Cliff if both meant would be a rip-off to the other guy, but since it’s got some marks and no box, it’s fairer for him, since the Cliff started at $155 and you can pick up most AC’s for $135. Depends on the damage and whether or not you want the Cliff and if you think it’s a fair deal. Personally, I’d say it’s fair and as long as you can verify the Cliff is smooth, I say go for it.