Good Songs for Throwing? (What's on your playlist?)

PantyRaid - influential hip hop beats nice to flow with.
psychedelic furs, the smiths, joy division.
Dr. dre, eminem
This topic can be opinionated, everyone likes different music. As long as music is playing while i yo-yo
I don’t mind what it is

EDM (Electronic Dance Music such as Dubstep, House, DnB…) and Switchfoot.

Some of My favorite EDM songs:

Fresh - 21
Anything Ephixa. Everything is amazing.
Birthday Cake - Stephen Walking
Reptile - Skrillex
Monstercat. yes. YES

My favorite Electro changes every day though so those are just ones that stay awesome.

I would certainly agree. But with me I yoyo to the music… Like if I’m listening to nirvana I go a little harder but if I’m listening to one of the the goo goo dolls’ softer pop song I tend to go a little lighter, you guys get what I’m saying… Right?

Kickstart my heart by Mötley Crüe is a GREAT song to throw to

I really like to listen to Dub step when I yoyo. It is easy to keep pace with and has hardly any words. Liquid Strangers songs Jolt and Escape the Vault are some good ones.

I never really liked dubstep, but thanks to having made this thread I chased some leads on artists and found a few that I liked. Now I’m playing to this stuff all the time. Skrillex’s “Summit”, “Scary Monsters…” and “With you, friends” are just on repeat, repeat, repeat.

dubstep haha sometimes umm ground up sounds-pipe dreams somthing thats slow if im in that mood or with good beat oh and some judas priest dio iron maiden

I love throwing to first of the year by skrillex. I’m really not even into dubstep or anything like that, but I find that song in particular really fun to throw to. Other than that I like listening to Game, PAC, Eminem, and G-unit.

Lately I’ve been throwing to Big Gigantic and the Bloody Beetroots. I also enjoy throwing to Skream, The Glitch Mob, Porter Robinson, The Knife Party, and others that I am too lazy to name right now.

Knife Party is legit, Fire Hive and Zoology are amazing songs.

Royksopp is awesome it’s a shame more people don’t know about them.

I listen all sorts of Electronica and Alternative. I’m too lazy to list them… xD

Daft Punk, Switchfoot, Glitch Mob

to be honest anything by skrillex. For example Kevin Nicholas at PNWR 2012 threw to Kyoto and i thought that was pretty awesome

Skrillex, dubstep, jay-z

The Flatliners, Rise Against, Jedi Mind Tricks, and a bunch more. Ive really been into The Flatliners lately though. Gotta love ska bands.

Anything but that psuedo-‘dubstep’ garbage.
I like bumping into hiphop songs and old school electronic dance music. Obligatory ‘Better Off Alone’ in every yoyo contest freestyle back in the day.

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Tunak Tunak Tun.

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Anything from these guys


Mainly hiphop and sometimes rap (A Tribe Called Quest, Hieroglyphics, Zion I, Hopsin, Immortal Technique), but I like to throw to some ambient minimal music every once in a while. (Port Blue, Burial, Trentemoller.) :slight_smile: