Good Playing Metal or Metal-Rimmed Plastic Under $50

Hi! After a drop on my driveway caused my Yoyo’s rim to come off a little, it started playing kinda weird and I had been wanting a new metal/metal-rimmed plastic anyways. I have been looking at things such as the Fever, Hitman PRO, DV888, Shinwoo ZEN series, God Tricks yo-yos, and the Duncan Echo, Raptor, and Metropolis. I REALLY like the look and specs of the Fever. I mean, I REALLY like it, but the YoYoSkills review said it had some durability issues. Any opinions on it and the other yo-yos? Or have a better recommendation? Please, offer your guidance!

UPDATE: I saw the Beysick and 2010 YYF WYYC Commemorative Yo-Yo on sale for $35 and $25. I like those, so do you think this is a good decision?

Hitman pro sucks more than a dark magic 2, and if I were you I would get a magic yo and replace it with a yyf bearing for a bigger gap and it plays better than all the yoyos you listed, it’s only 30 for an n9 yoyo and it is pretty good for a low end Chinese yoyo, has really good anodization

The Hitman Pro is an awesome yoyo made by an awesome dude. Just cuz you don’t like it don’t mean it sucks. I don’t like Burnsides, does that mean they’re bad? no. IMO the Magic yo’s Don’t outplay the Hitman pro or Dm2. Fever’s do have a little bit of durability stuff goin on, but unless you smash it on the ground, you shouldn’t have any problems. It’s an awesome player, I really like it, and Suggest you get it as well :slight_smile:

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Does scraping it on a driveway count as smashing it on the ground? (I’ve tried to play on grass only until I get better but just wondering)

Really depends on how hard you scrape it on the ground. If it was just something like you dropping it out of hand, it shouldn’t do too much damage, nothing more than a ding. If it was something like you were throwing your yoyo down and at that instant you hit the ground, then that should add some vibe or do some noticeable damage. The Hitman Pro is a very good bi-metal, and should take some beatings. Pretty much any new YYJ with the Solid Spin axle plays great. The Shinwoo Zen series are also great yoyos for the price. Don’t shy away from the Duncan metals either. Magic Yoyos also play great for under 30$. Also, YYF bearings are NOT wider than any other normal c-sized bearings.

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I scraped my DMII from a breakaway. :slight_smile: Anyways, but in your opinion, how do you think the Hitman PRO or the Fever (if you’ve played it) compares to the ZEN series and the Duncan metals?

I would say they play just as well. Bi-metals just don’t have the same amount of durability as metals. Overall, it all comes down to preference, all three types of yoyos are very different.

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Ok and what do you guys think about the DV888?

Ok, I’ve narrowed it down to:
-YYJ Fever
-YYF DV888
-Shinwoo ZEN series
-God Tricks Freedom
-God Tricks Cyclone
-God Tricks Destiny

So whaddaya guys think?