Good Freehand throws


So, i have become interested in 5a, freehand, whatever. I have a freehand 2 (freekhand) and a metal drifter (no pads, getting new ones). I have looked around and I’ve seen the pinnacle, fhz, and some others. I need I good 5a throw. I need a cheap small investment like around the 20 under zone and something nicer that could be more expensive! When I have gathered some good options Ill make a topic with a poll!




really? ??? :-[


If u’r still just beginning i dont see wynaut. It can spin for 9 minutes.
I dont do a lot of 5a, but from the videos iv watched i think probably ul be looking for 3d stability and initial throw control, both of which the classic lols at. the only possible downside if any is its 58mm diamater.


For something cheap I would definitely go with an upgraded classic.


It’s waaaaayyy better then anything you mentioned haha

The Classic is probably the best choice under $20 but if you’re willing to spend $35 I’d say get the Protostar


Under 20 get a Classic or maybe a Speedaholic
IMO you should get a Diffusion in my opinion for $35


Ah yes that could be a good choice too, haven’t tried one myself so didn’t want to recommend it


same here

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Upgraded Classic