I just started freehand and i have a freehand and a metal drifter what other throws would be goo to start with?


stable stuff like the yoyojam surge




Your metal drifter can carry you quite far into 5a, but if you want another throw for 5a, you will want something stable and unresponsive, so I recommend either a silicone recessed Freehand Zero or a modded classic. Plastics will show less wear with die collisions and the ones I mentioned are quite durable. The YYJ Surge that sparhawk mentioned is also quite good.

If you insist on metals, I find that the MagicYoYo lineup is great for 5a especially for the price. The T5 and N12 are their best offerings IMO. Jaued Cervas used the N12 to win AP2014 5a.


I second everything he said, especially what he said about plastics. Even today, I do most 5a with a protostar just because metals show much much more damage. Definitely want something stable and durable for 5a, as you WILL be dropping the yoyo pretty often, believe me.


As a side note I also need pads to make my metal drifter unresponsive as well as a nice size a bearing to help it play well. What do i get?


Yo tricks has a great video on modding a metal drifter to play unresponsive.