Good Deal on Display Cases!!

Hey guys… I just got a pretty good deal on a nice display case over at Michael’s. All their Keepsake/Souvenir Display Cases are 40% off. This is part of their Weekly Ads/Deals. So all of them are 40% off till? ? ? Probably tomorrow.
You can also use an online printable coupon for an additional 15% off. This DEFINITELY expires today. So you get 55% off on any of the cases they have, tomorrow (1/26)

I got this one for about 25 bucks, I think it’s the popular one a lot of people use.
edit: here it is with some yoyo’s!,default,pd.html?cgid=products-framing-studiodecor&start=19

There are also the following:,default,pd.html?cgid=products-framing-studiodecor&start=14,default,pd.html?cgid=products-framing-studiodecor&start=29,default,pd.html?cgid=products-framing-giftideasforfathersday&start=58,default,pd.html?cgid=products-framing-framegifts&start=65


Here’s the 15% off coupon, it expires tomorrow:


Whoa sweet deal! I know where I’m going tomorrow! :slight_smile:

Be very careful with these displays, take your largest yoyos with you and make sure they fit like you want. I got one from Michaels, and it looked nice and fit ALMOST all my throws, but not all of them. It was just a tad too snug, but they do carry a large variety so just check em out.

True, all mine fit, and will roll around if I bump the case hard enough! So be careful with that too haha (not too big of a deal) It’s certainly a good deal even if you can’t stuff all of your throws in. :smiley: Looks really great too.

edit:… I think anything with a diameter of 58 and over is going to be too large to fit in the case.

Today is the last day to get the deal!

Do you guys know if these have a glass/plastic door? Or is it just a frame with shelves?


When I went there were some that were just shelves and some with plexiglass doors. The one that I got was a shotglass holder with a plexiglass door with a small, cheap catch on the side. I didn’t see any with ACTUAL glass. YMMV according to individual stores though.

Crappy phone pic, but you get the idea

Thanks, SkyHigh!
I went out and got one today. $27 and some change, out the door with the coupon! As NavyThrow said, the door is plexiglass, but it’s very clear. And yes, my Josy-Ann is super duper snug. The shelf openings are approx 2" high, but the shelves are slightly flexible and I put the Josy dead center. There doesn’t appear to be any chance of damage to either the throw or the display. The door closes magnetically, so there’s no worry. And even though it’s equipped to hang from the wall, I put mine on bookshelf. I slipped a piece of cardboard under the hinge so the door swings open smoothly. And a carefully placed string keeps the throws from rolling. A small rubber band might work even better.

EDIT: Shelf openings are 2.25" high, not 2" as I described above.

I got 28 throws in this thing! Could probably do 30!

This is the shot glass display. The openings are 2.25" wide which is just a hair over 57mm. The doors are some of the nicest plexiglass I’ve seen. (i actually thought they were glass till I read the last few replies to this thread and checked) I bought 6 of these a few weeks back.

wow MikeEff, yours looks great! I also have mine just sitting on my desk. I will probably hang it, but not quite sure yet since it looks great just sitting there haha.

glad the questions got answered quick. Also yeah, the door closes magnetically. Which, to be honest, I kind of love. I could see how some people would really want a latch (if you live in earthquake prone area or something lol) but… I think one of the shotglass display cases used a latch. Not quite sure.

I’m probably going to go pick up another one of these things.

edit: also if you do get one of these, make sure you clean it with the proper cleaner, don’t mistake it for glass. I’ve read that windex is bad for plexiglass and can cause it to fog up.

im aware that golf ball displays also work really well and are usually more decorated than the ones ive seen on here so far. I know Ed displays his throws in one… i hope he pitches into this convo :stuck_out_tongue:

I actually researched it.

Ed got his on clearance at Golf Galaxy.

I went to Golf Galaxy and all they have now are some fairly large one for like 49 balls. I was originally trying to find ones like Ed’s :wink: But after thinking about it, they just have unnecessary (round) dimples to hold the balls. Souvenir display cases work really well

I’m very happy with this case though.

Thanks for the awesome tip! Went to Michael’s yesterday and picked up this guy. Need to glue the foam down permanently, but so far pretty happy with the look. The nice thing about this one is that it’s real glass and opens from the front.

Those stackable sales/coupons are pretty killer!

PS. Oh, should also note that these cases will only hold loopers since they’re too shallow for regular 1A size throws.


Jason, nice!

That was a killer idea. also where did you buy that foam

Sorry if this is a little necro but I had to post this.

That is a LOT of 888 and other stacked throws :).

Lol nice! I work at Michael’s and got the shot glass display for my yoyos too. I only had to pay like 20$ tho