Good binds?


This happened to me.


I don’t even.


One bind smacked me in the face.


that is the strangest phenomenon in yo-yoing that I have witnessed. would you care to elaborate a bit more on what is happening?




ive had the string loop around and get caught on the spike of my old split decision during a bind… i should have taken a picture :frowning:


What is this I don’t even


That is really weird, and i would like to know how you did that. :o

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What I really wanna know is who still owns a Hectic?


i was thinking about that when i first saw the picture.


That’s awesome.

Did it actually do that from a bind?

(Kei) #12

If that resulted from a bind, I’m pretty sure that if the loop kept going around the yoyo it would result in a axle knot.
Awesome that is got stuck halfway though!


not from a bind, but i have gotten a knot that went THROUGH the string, through the twist. blew my mind when i was undoing it.


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lol, what happened?






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