Ok two of these exist, I have one and One Drop has the other.

I painted these using color changing paint, it will shift from Purple, to Blues, to Reds.

Good Condition has a couple marks in the paint… Notice I said in the paint not thru the paint :slight_smile:

I am looking for $85 shipped in the US Paypal Only.

Will entertain trade offers really looking for ILYY.


Woah that’s insane I want that SO BAD! But I can’t spend money, I need an Xbox 360.

Concience (Spelling?): You need that!
Mind: No, can’t get it. Need Xbox 360.
Concience: You can get it later!
Mind: You’re right, I can! I’ll just get it…WAIT, WHAT AM I SAYING??? Shoots concience from 200 yards away…WITH MIND BULLETS!

Anyway, how much does color changing paint cost?

The paint I used is from a company called Alsa Corp its around $200 for a quart.

And please note kiddies that this paint is not as easy as regular paint to apply.

thats sick but i just saved up enough money to get my dream ocho8ocho
mexican represent

added video…

Accepting trades. really want ILYY but will listen

Wow. That’s stunning. Curious, what makes it change colors? Light? Temp?

Light and Angles if you think thats good you need to see it outside in the sunlight :slight_smile: