Goldfish Shutter?? (let me tell you a story)

Ok, let me start off. Im a pretty good yoyoer, and my best friend, Brett, is not up to par. I always let him use my extra shutter and he really likes it.

Earlier today, He drew a random picture of a goldfish on a unicycle. Why? i have no idea, but he told me “I’m gonna send this to Yoyofactory and see if i can get a free shutter” we both laughed thinking it would never work. Well, it did.

here is the email that was sent:

About an hour later, He actually got a reply. We were both Shocked!!!
They even posted it on their instagram! YYF actually liked the picture so much, that they sent him one! And not just any one.

YYF actually Laser engraved the goldfish onto a custom shutter. One was made for him and one was made for Gentry. Only two in existence have ever been made. This is the yoyo that was made for him.

Since he isn’t that great of a yoyoer, he doesn’t want to throw it because he might damage it, but ill definitely convince him to start throwing it :slight_smile: well this was me and brett’s story, hope you guys liked it ;D



That is beyond awesome! Good job YYF/Ben for having a great sense of humour! This was a heartwarming story. :slight_smile:

That being said it seems like a bit of a shame that it’ll sit in a display case for the rest of it’s life. Yoyos are made to be thrown!

Oh don’t worry, once Brett is better, it will be used :wink:

That was cool of Ben.

I saw the post on Facebook about the goldfish on a unicycle. This is hilarious, and that is totally awesome! Someday when some collector thinks they have all of the runs of the shutter they will be wrong when they see this 1/2 fish on a unicycle shutter. Thank you to your friend for being hilarious, and providing the world with a fish on a unicycle, and thank you to yoyo factory for providing us with the best story in quite a while.

I saw this on Instagram. I wouldn’t call it luck, but an awesome example of the beautiful yoyo community being who they are.

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I gotta say, I am pretty jealous :stuck_out_tongue: Who would have thought something like this would work. Kudos to YYF for doing this, that’s awesome!

Awesome! That is a really cool story and a really rare yoyo.

In the process of drawing a bear on roller-skates, it will be going to YYR and I’ll just ask them for a Dazzler.


Haha good luck with that! :wink:

I’ve had this idea in the past except the fish was on a skateboard… I knew I should’ve taken a pic of it when I got the chance.

Wow what a great company for doing that!!

What a great story too. Made me LOL.

Although the Shutter is a really well-respected yoyo, I never really “had” to have one…until now!
Great story.
Way to go YYF.

My YYFs just moved up to the top shelf.

Im gonna send a picture of a walrus on a tricycle to Yoyorecreation and say i want a free draupnir.

Good idea! I’ll do the same for a dazzler.

Imagine if we all did these pic-concepts and they actually fulfilled them all xD

If you get on YoyoFactory, DEMAND that this be your sig colorway including the engraving.

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I was mega happy and pumped (and pleased that YYF decided to do it!) until I saw “Never to be thrown again” and got a major sad!

I guarantee you without reservation that both Gentry and Ben would want your friend to throw it. It’s not going to lose value from a ding; if anything, it would gain value because of the interesting story. Imagine either scenario:

  1. He never sells it and keeps it forever. Each ding is a reminder that YYF did something nice for him and brought him to the next level of yoyo because of the hours of practice he could then put in on it!

  2. He one day decides to sell it. He has the documented story, and the buyer is not buying a “mint Shutter”, they are only interested because of the story that goes with it.

I think a yoyo looks nicer a lot of the time with a ding or two anyhow. Shows that it’s been used. Even if it’s meant to become a display piece eventually, he will get more pleasure out of seeing it in its display case after it has been loved.

In short: convince your friend he’s doing everyone in the yoyo community a great honour by just throwing the heck out of it!!!


i agree, if I have gotten it, then i would be throwing it everyday ;D but ill surely get him to throw it often!