Gold plated unresponsive yo-yos?

Sorry if this is the wrong category. Anyways I have seen some gold plated yo-yos out there not the internet but are you guys able to name some in specific?

AntiYo gold plated bapezilla was called the gouda.

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Didn’t not know that but now I do. Thanks

There is the Custom Products GoldenEye (Axl).

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Singwon yoyo Patriot bimetal JP.
Non gold plated is 90$, gold plated is 100$

Thank you, I can’t imagine not getting gold plated for $10 more.

That yo-yo looks sick!

AntiYo Gouda
Big Bang Bandalores Endeavor (I think that was the name)
SPYY Ronin (only 2 of these)
Doc Pop Executive

These are the ones I know of off the top of my head. Will update if more come to mind.

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Woah woah, back this train on up. There were gold plated executives?

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Yeah I saw them when I saw doc pop at 2018 BAC image


Thank you very much

1/2 24k Ronin.
Considering letting go of this guy as he mainly just sits in a box. Hit me up if interested. :slight_smile:



Man, wish I had the cash or other yo-yos to tempt you with for that! Such an amazing yo-yo!

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Very nice yo-yo! What are you looking for? Because I’m still trying to save up money for the moose.