Gold bi-metals?

I have a hankering for a high-performance bi-metal with a GOLD body (silver or gold rims only). What do you recommend?

I was gonna say the silver with gold rims GTX is super classy, but appears to be sold out. The hummingbird in purple with gold rims is coming soon though and that thing looks aces.


YYR Anomaly

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I just clarified in my original post that I’m talking about a gold body. I have the Grassopper GTX you refer to and it is stellar. But I also wish they had the color inverse of it.


The AP edition Throw revolution trident


Surveillance came in all gold. I had one - it looked like a relic out of Indiana Jones.


Currently sold out, but there’s a gold Bliss CS

Oh! I’ll have to keep an eye out for that on the BST. I love the Surveillance.

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Minato Furata uses a pair of Anomalies for 3A. Seems like a good, if expensive, yoyo for it.

Anomaly was 3a oriented to begin with, tons of people at JN used it for 1a though. Look out for the Edolass and Astrea, best shiny gold anos imo

If money wasn’t an issue I’d have a pair of Anomalies, Phasers, or Awoken Anubis for 3a.

The Astraea does look interesting. I just wish it didn’t have that engraving.

Yeah I was considering Astraea too

The @Goodlifeyoyos Breeze!

You can take a look at the Machination if you want. It’s a fun yoyo.

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I believe on their website, but they said they are making more so you may have to wait a little. But this is sooooo pretty:

@yyfben2 will we see a white/silver and gold or black and gold on the Edge Beyond or the new “Edge infinite”? Love that color combo! Too bad it was only done on the original Edge

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