Gold Bearing


are the yyf gold center track bearings good? how do they compare to the pixel in performance and noise level?

I love my kenshin, but am considering a new bearing that is quieter (better performing would be nice too, but the kenshin already performs quite well). I was thinking about getting another pixel (i bought a pixel for my steel, and love it) but thought i would ask about the gold bearing.

or, if there is another bearing altogether that people think is exceptional and quiet, I would love to hear about it. I prefer center track.


(InvaderDust) #2

I love pixels. But i also like having a bunch of different kinds to see how they age over time. If you already have a pixel, and dont have a gold, give it a shot. They all do the same thing for the most part. Pixels are one of my favorites tho.


does anyone know how loud the gold is? The OD bearing is very quiet, and the pixel is noticeably quieter than other center trac bearings that I have tried. How does the gold do?


(InvaderDust) #4

OD bearing is only quiet at first its still sleeping, itll wake up soon.

Gold is pretty good. As weith most of them, nothing a drop of thin lube wont shut up after it breaks in.