Buddah bearing Gold

This is my first gold bearing. Was curious if you can clean these and lube them? Theres nothing wrong with it but just want to know. Any thoughts?

Yes, you can. There’s nothing magic about them.

I’ve been wondering about the buddha golds. They’re the cheapest buddha bearing except for the flat(they might be the same price too, don’t remember) so I wonder how they are compared to the others and why they’re so cheap.

I only ask because the gold center tracs, the bottom of the description says do not lube these bearings in all caps. Must be a reason why thats being said.
Anyways this one i got has been pretty impressive. Quite and long spinning. Under 6 bucks. Ill forsure buy and or try the others. Im starting to feel like they play as good as the pixels

And it’s like $2.50 a bearing if you buy the 25 pack :o

Gold works great to start, but will degrade slowly but surely. It will tarnish, wear down, and lose luster both visually and in spin times after prolonged use or storage.