Lubing a gold bearing?

What happens when you lube a gold bearing? On the product page for a gold center trac it says to not lube it so does that go for all gold bearings?

Parts is parts, go ahead and lube it.

The coating is the lube. However if you truly have a problem that canned air won’t fix than you will likely have to clean and lube it.

ive used both dry and wet lubes for gold. no worries either way. Thing with gold is that its boss to start, but over time it will degrade as the coating breaks down. Platinum ones are similar to start but do not follow the same degrade.

Platinum bearings you say? :o Never heard of them, what’re they like?

YYR DS bearings come in steel, gold or platinum. They are all are great, but the Platnium ones seem to hold up really well over time. Better than Gold by a slim margin. Should be pointed out that the much cheaper steel versions have nothing wrong with them at all.
In the world of boutique bearings its more a novelty than an actual improvement. That being said I like have a bunch of metal types and shapes to play with but at the end of the day the differences are marginal at best. :slight_smile:

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