Going paperless

Ha, my friend showed me this.

I love that video. It is so funny.

So, it’s an ad for toilet paper?

Ha good one.

On a serious note though anyone know any good alternatives to toilet paper? I can no longer support the cutting down of trees because it hurts us and nature

wait what?
You’re looking for an alternative to toilet paper?
How about just getting toilet paper from recycled paper? Or get a bidet.
Or use leaves :stuck_out_tongue:

I hear corn cobs work great. :wink:

I was born and raised in the Philippines and I was taught how to clean myself with nothing more than a small bucket of water, soap on my hands, and scrub myself. A manual bidet, if you may. Even as a US resident for 9 years, I prefer finishing up business like that.

What? It’s gross? It’s a lot better than having some of the nasty stuff get stuck on your butt even after many wipes.

And yes, I STILL wash my hands afterwards.

Anyway, Japan has the latest toilet technology…including bidets and seat warmers. How come mainstream America doesn’t have any of that yet?!

It’s all you need, really.

I can support it if they plant new trees in the place of the old ones.

I’m all about the seat warmers. Anyone up for a trip to Japan?