Go-Go Glow Nasty

Great vid but this song is so ghetto


great quality, great lighting (easy to see), awesome 8 bit song :3, amazing video!
great job Dr. ;D

Looks completely awesome.

That was awesome.

some stuff to say: you are saying the ONLY light source in the video was the, die nasty? Also, does the yoyo/play smoothly? Im asking these questions because now, because of this video, I actually wanna buy it. Also, on the website were these are sold, it saids it comes with a center trac bearing.


How did you do that? Glow in the dark dye?

For the Video, I used a Black Light to fuel the Glow and illuminate the string. In the still shots, the only light source is the glow nasty

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Ok, thank you, Chris(pretty sure thats your name) Thanks for awesome video, and awesome glow in the darkness, and did yours come with a center trac bearing? It did right? Also, are you going to write a review on it?

NONSENSE! what was it btw?

look at the end of the video the song is said

does blacklight make glow in the dark glow brighter?

Loved it! but the song was kindof annoying

I had no idea you were this good of a player Chris, really blew me away.
Makes me want to break out my old Die-Nasty!(I know it’s been only a year but it seems like so long ago!)

Jacked from Stick Pages RPG :o
But loving the music anyways XD