GN Yoyo Co - Welcoming Aaron Johns

GN Yoyo Co would like to welcome Aaron Johns (FinalFantasy9001) to the team. He is our fifth team member and last (but not least) for a little while.
Aaron is from Dallas, Texas, has been throwing for 1.5 years and his last contest was Las Vegas Open. We expect to see some big things from this player soon. :slight_smile:

Welcome aboard, Aaron.

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Dope. Let’s have some fun!

You guys live near each other?

Nah, Zorro’s got that southeastern twang. A bit far from TX I presume.

Yeah, we’re kinda spread out, but that just helps with local advertising and getting people to contests all over.

I’m from AL, Stephan and Mason from FL, Jonathan moving to NY, and now Aaron from TX.


So when can we expect to see some CAD drawings?

Maybe late this week or weekend at the earliest. Hopefully no later than the end of next week.

What kind of cad drawings? For a metal throw?

No offense, but where have you been? :smiley: Just kidding

Anyways, we, at GN, are working on our first metal yoyo and we will have designs out shortly.

Under a rock.


I know aaron johns from lvo

Are you that guy I was going to buy the Marmot from?

No I was the kid in the workshop with a big case of yoyos the on the workshop with eric koloski before the finals

Oh, I remember you. You let me try your Equilateral.

yep and I was sick the day i was competing.