GN Yoyo Co Live - TODAY at 4:30PM ET

TODAY at 4:30PM ET!!!

A link will be posted.

Sorry for the short notice, but it may be the only time I have for about a week or so and I want to get this over with.

If you have plans on watching, make sure you send me your YouTube name via PM here so that I may invite you to ensure your being able to watch. It would also allow me to keep track of who will be joining in the conversation.

Hangout Link:

TEST VIDEO! (Make sure everybody can see me and that I can be heard):

This will be a Google+ Hangouts On Air, so anybody should be able to watch and join in.

wow you guys are trying pretty hard for this.

Yes, we are.

Update: Stephan will be joining, but Mason’s joining is up in the air right now.

I guess I’m having a hard time understanding what this project is about.

All I’ve seen from this project is a blurry piece of wood, that’s a off-string? But yet there are 1a tutorials?

I rarely voice my opinion, and I don’t mean to sound negative, but i’m just a little confused… Quite sure I’m not the only one that feels this way.


^^ Right now, we are just helping the yoyo community by releasing tricks, making yoyo videos, and right now, we are working on two yoyos. The offstring one is just in its beginning stages, but we have moved a lot farther in the Text project. It will be another solid wood throw that will be made for the 1A style.

We are in the beginning stages of a company now. Everything will make sense when we release the Text.

Also, you can find a lot more out by viewing our live show tomorrow afternoon.

NOTE: Please make comments on our channel on our channel thread in the Video section. Also, any questions about the company themselves can be questions in a PM to either me, masonmc23, or Its_steve, or on our GN Yoyo Co News thread.
Thank you.

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This is still on, but I would like to see if there will be any interest in this.

My thoughts exactly.

I updated the front post. Everyone should read Edit2. I promise this will be an important message that may end all “fights or arguments” (or whatever you want to call them) about GN Yoyo Co.

Two hours and counting!
Link coming soon.

20 Minutes left guys!

Trailer has been added. You can watch a video by me now until the start of the show.

24 minutes left until live.

12 minutes left and so far, only two people say they are watching and third is a maybe. Anybody else?

Going live in five. Hope to see some new faces.


I’ve clicked the link but I’m not seeing any video…

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you have a dead link

Zorro is everythong ok