GN Layer-Short Promo Video


Here is a small clip, featuring my new signature yoyo, the Layer.


Sweet video, love the idea, where you’re going out to the mailbox and stuff

Only criticism would be to wear a dark shirt next time so we can see your string! Helps show off your tricks


This times a thousand

plus I would’ve liked to see the yoyo a bit more. Good to see GN making some progress though, it’s pretty cool to see things come together


That video looks great, Aaron, but may I ask, “Why on earth did you wear a neon yellow t-shirt?”

(Erik Kerber ) #5

Pretty cool. But definatly wear a darker shirt


The string is dark blue, lol. I didn’t notice that I couldn’t see the string. This is a short clip I put together, I’m working on a longer one. Will wear black shirt.