Ethan Stromquist // Feilds

New video, enjoy!  :slight_smile:


Innovative with awesome flow.
I love it.

Really nice clip.

Thanks guys, really means a lot. By the way, big thanks to Coleman Weimer for color correcting this!

good my man, but next time wear like, a not orange yoyo shirt. tricks were fab doe.

eh the shirt wasnt that bad with the yellow string…ive seen worse. and you could deffinatly see den dope tricks

yee i know but idk its a yoyo video wear a yoyo shirt haha

Very good! As I often find with younger throwers I wish your string was shorter by a good 2 inches or more. But you made it work. :smiley:

Very, very nice. Really smooth.

Also, that’s one of my favorite Shlohmo songs. :smiley:

Thanks! Really appreciate it.