Glow yoyo


Hey guys I was wondering what’s the best yoyo for black light performances and such. I’m a noob but I’ve been asked to do a few tricks at some events so I want to get a dedicated throw for that just in case. What do you guys recomend? I want it to have a C size bearing


Because of your requirement of a C-sized bearing, the only two options(as well as the only glowing options) are the YoYofactory DieNasty and the YoYoFactory StarLite. I have the DieNasty.

The Duncan Pulse and FHZ Pulse use LED’s, so you don’t need blacklight, but they also use A-sized bearings. This removes the blacklight requirement, but doesn’t mean you can’t still utilize it.

All of these are affordable. However, if you go with the FHZ Pulse, I recommend swapping the friction stickers for silicone stickers and replacing the bearing with a Terrapix A+ Beefcake for FHZ kit.