Glow in the dark yoyo collection

I’m long overdue for moving my glow collection thread over to YoYoExpert. What you see here is the original post from another forum that has been updated many times. I hope that it is okay that I transfer this info over here. While I am not transfering the entire thread and therefore losing many photos most of those can be viewed at my collection website if you are interested. :slight_smile:

Also, please let me know if you have or are aware of anything that I don’t have. I’m especially interested in obtaining the following:

  • Canada Games Glow (Lucky’s #1153)
  • Dell Big “D” Sleeper King Glow (Lucky’s #260.3)
  • Imperial Toys Hi-Tech Glow (Lucky’s #1007)
  • Luminous Champion - Montreal Canada
  • Olympic Glow (Lucky’s #1213)
  • Russell Legitimo Glow
  • SuperYo Renegade - Extreme Spin Transitional Glow Edition

I hope that you enjoy the photos and thank you to everyone that has helped me in this sickness, uh endeavor. Thanks.

My Custom Glow String! :-o

Glow M1

Glowing M1


Glowing PEAK

Striped G5

Glowing G5

Glow Wood

DifeYo IT

Glowing IT

Coolest Yodel Painting Ever!

Knibb Dyna-Glo from the 1950’s!

Browse the full collection at!


How did you get the glow metals? Are they painted or powder coat? I’ve never seen GITD metal.

All but one are powdercoated. The OG style Peak was a special project by Brett Grimes with the permission of Chris at CLYW.

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my mind is now officially glown!

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Been looking for this one for a looooong time! A Dell Big “D” Sleeper King from 1961.

very cool collection. i really like to see what other people have since i am a new collector. What are you using to keep them from rolling around when in the display case? looks like “O” rings. I need ideas for displaying options.

Whoa! Awesome. Great collection

I REALLY want some of those.

Thanks guys! That is correct, I use o-rings to set the yoyos on to keep them from rolling.

That’s an awesome collection. I think the glowing metals look sweet.

Im getting a starlite in the mail right now so that will be my first glow in the dark yoyo. I’m going to put some glow in the dark string on it and play with it in a dark.

That’s great! Be very careful. Snags are much harder to dodge in the dark.

Glowdoug, can you tell me what size O rings you use for your displays.


how did u make the metals glow? cuz i would love mine to gloww!! hahaha

awesome i like the fhz’s

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My proto, The Vitality.

Very impressive collection of glow in the dark yoyos at by @GlowDoug


Browse the full collection!


That’s crazy! I think my only glow in the dark one is the old Duncan Alien.


its been 5 years so this awesome history deserves to raised.

also for my own agenda, does anyone know anything about this yoyo ?

I’ve been looking for while every now and then, i am sure its my first yoyo but mine was normal yellow. came in children’s wooden yoyo tricks book. but i remember seeing it sold separately as glow in the dark version pictured here.

tried the awesome website: GLOW IN THE DARK YOYO -
but nothing :melting_face:
appreciate any help

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