Glove alternatives

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I’ve been practicing for Ohio States this past week. Since it is nearly July, the heat and humidity is way more than enough to make practice frustrating because of sweaty hands.

I know gloves can solve my problem, but I don’t really like the look of them on stage.
Do you have any alternatives?


Gloves can be used for multiple reasons- to help with grinds,to reduce pain on the hand, to prevent sweaty hands touching the string, and to go faster.

To help with grinds, use a blasted yoyo
To reduce pain on the hand, use medical tape
To prevent sweaty hands touching the string, use deodorant spray or baby powder on your hands before you go on stage
And to go faster, well there really isn’t much to do other than practice haha


Why not invest in skin colored gloves? :o


Gloves are really the way to go but powder?

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How about during practice? It seems like that would sort of ruin the string.

I agree, but I’m already a fast player, which is probably why I get affected so much by sticky hands.

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Are suggesting powder or being skeptical of it? It could be either.

Ohio States is only a few days away, and I can’t order gloves in time. The only ones I have are black, which I don’t think looks that good on stage, and they aren’t in very good condition either.

Thanks though :slight_smile:


There may be some for sale, but I have a blue zeekio glove you can use if you want to. Gentry uses the deodorant spray, it’s pretty effective.

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I would only want to use a white glove, but thanks anyway. I’ll have to try the spray.