Glacier Express

New video starring yours truly.

Love this thing so much.

You should too!

Yogi Ed. w. Center Trac bearing.

Song is “Fever” by Maps & Atlases.


(Also, you can see it at if you’re keen)


So good 8)

You make Marks Boingyboing look so easy.

haha… It’s not. definitely not.

Also… I still have suspicions that I’m not doing it right… sooo there’s that haha.

Those slacks man, those whips… whooo, there’s a reason you’re a pro and I’m not. Great video!

i want you to teach me everything you know!! ;D

come to Iowa. haha.

I’m in Iowa. When and where should I be for my first class?

Awesome vid dude great flow

So creative. Really amazing concepts and binds!

I’m in Des Moines, IA.

There are a few other players around too… I know Bryce (yodaguy) on the forums is looking to get a regular meet scheduled…