Glacier Express or H5xChief?

idk which one to get, out of those two which one is better compeition throw? ???

Honestly, neither of the yoyos you listed would be considered “competition” throws. However, you could use both if you preferred. The Glacier Express would be a better buy if competition is what you are looking for.

Okay thanks ;D, ya knew neither are really competition throws. Now gotta decide buying GE an hoping I have enough for septopus or just get septopus :stuck_out_tongue:

What is a competition throw, really?
As far as i go, i would go up on a stage with the yoyo i’d feel most comfortable using…
EDIT: Got a GE. Great throw. Fast, super stable and spins with a lot of momentum. Ie dont take much of a throw to get it spinning for a while!

A competition throw usually refers to an oversized yoyo that is long-spinning, stable, forgiving, and has a decently wide width. You can use whatever you want in a competition, though.

Well, the GE isn’t oversized, though it is long-spinning, stable, rather forgiving and have a perfectly fine width!