Give me a lengthy trick/combo to learn

Like the title says, just give me a lengthy trick/combo to learn. I’ve been doing the same stuff with a new combo or trick maybe once or twice a month or so for a few months now.

I want some new tricks and elements to work with so just throw me a trick or combo that’s pretty long that you like and I’ll try to learn them and hopefully get some new elements to make my own tricks with.

Preferably I want stuff that involves the 1.5 mount or chopsticks, and I’m trying to get into more slacks as well so tricks with some fairly simple slack elements would be nice but just give me anything tbh, I just want some new stuff to work with.

Wasn’t there one called electric bacon… Or electric tuna… Or something like that? That was a super long one :slight_smile:


Ahh that’s the one.
Learn it Andy!

This is a chopsticks mount trick, but really isn’t that lengthy. I would say it has some decent elements too for new combos for you to make up.

Theorem is a long trick. It ends with a tower so that’s cool


that’s an offstring trick.

Thanks guys, keep em coming :slight_smile:

Learned Electric Bologna… kind of… Need to smooth it out and get it a little faster to fit it into one throw haha :smiley:

I’m likin that chopsticks trick, I’ll learn that next :slight_smile:

Ghost looks like a sick trick as well! But it looks really hard haha, I’ll try it though ;D

Found the combo that I’m gonna be working on

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That trick is awesome!  ;D

I’m working on a fairly long chopsticks trick now with some slack elements, so I’ll make a tutorial soon!

Try… A double or nothing into a trapeze then go to a green triangle then drop the yoyo and then do a front mount and then bind. Good luck have fun

You are really good it loocks hard but ur really good

Who? ???