Girlfriend yoyo Collab !

A video I made when I was teaching my Girlfriend to yoyo. This was her second day yoyoing and has since slowed down on practicing…she still picks it up every now and then though…any way enjoy !

That was awesome i love it shes really good! And your awesome! I saw you use i a weird mount at one point that i did not know what to do with and now i do!

I wish my girl would find the motivation to try to throw! All she says is “i could never do anyyyyy of that stuff” or “you have your yoyos i have my crochet needles” or “come back to bed” lmaooo

Dying right now XD

haha well your welcome, but I spoke too soon because yesterday she was alll like “lemme tryyyy” hahahaa

Those were some pretty cool! tricks

And that backwards brent stole was insane