Ghostwirethrows BST! :D

New Yoyos, Just dont get enough love. :slight_smile: Please only offer on my wants, I dont care if Its not mint, I just want it to be in semi good condition. THANKS FOR LOOKING! :smiley:

Pics Here:

What I have:

Yoyofactory 2012 Genesis (ONE TINY ANO FLAW ) GONE
YoyoFactory Avante Garde ( MINT )
YoyoFactory Augie Fash 07 888 ( Some Minor scratches )
YoyoFactory Pre 2011 ROCKstar ( Some Minor scratches )
YoyoFactory Loop 720 Pair ( Near Mint)
YoyoFactory Neon collection Protostar ( MINT )
Yoyofactory Super G ( Near Mint ) PENDING
CLYW 1st Run Gold Cheif ( NMIB )
CLYW Ogogpogo BVM ( Some scratches )
STYY Bandit ( Near Mint )
Foxland Precision Honey Badger ( MINT )
OD Code 2 Half citrus fade half wasteland ( MINT )
Blood Brothers The First Brother ( MINT )

G2 Albatross
G2 Nessie
Wooly Markmont
Glacier Express
Spyy Pro
SPIN TOPS (Preferably Acrobat or Throw back)

i will give you an addiction for a clyw and its pink acid wash too and i will give you a dna and a g5

Update genesis and m1 are gone