Ghosts are afraid


With Halloween not far behind, my meditations have brought me to the conclusion that ghosts are in fact afraid of cinnamon… But why?


Cinnamon sticks are a really good natural way to get rid of ants… Not sure about ghosts though haha.

(Raphael) #3

Now I want pizza dough



what experience lead to your being able to come to this conclusion that ghosts are afraid of cinnamon? did one get spooked while you were eating some toast or a roll?


Its simple… While meditating, a thought kept clouding my mind, keeping me from being one with myself, this thought about ghosts being afraid of cinnamon, I mean, It does make sense seeing as how they disappear while eating certain breakfast cereals ( like apple jacks or cinnamon toast crunch) the next logical thing to say is that ghosts were once ants.


Maybe they are scared of you when you eat cinnamon. :o


Well then based on that line of reasoning I would venture to say that elephants are afraid of yoyos. It just so happens that I have a lot of yoyos in my house. I also keep a couple in my car. And ya know what? I don’t have ANY problems with elephants around here.


Lol… You’re lucky… Elephants are real troublesome in northern michigan