Ghost Edition Dark Magic II W/ Shinwoo Light Kit!


If I could thank this 100 times I would!! Great to see you throw man!!!

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SICK! I read the description and saw it was by YYE, and I was thinking ITS ANDRE IT’S GOTTA BE ANDRE! ;D

Its great to see you throw dude! Makes me want both :smiley:

Those Figure 8s…so flawless, and so beautiful. I am in awe by those dazzling figure 8s

Accidental double post because of lag

Those direction-change elements inside the figure-8s. No idea what those are called, but those were sick.

Thanks for sharing!

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My sentiments exactly awesome video André! I love this setup and I wish I had bought this dm2 yesterday I will be buying one! It looks so much better with the clear and the lights the orange on the toxic frog doesn’t do the lights justice from top or bottom views.

I feel like a “yes” man today but I couldn’t agree more very slick with the lights and dark makes me want to get dangerous and play in the dark with my toxic frog lol.

Great vid, cool throw! Amazing job as always

Andre, to me…is the Grand Master!! 8)

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I cannot wait until I get to meet André, his crew, & a few locals :slight_smile: it’s going to be awesome! But back from digressing I agree! Dude has it right in all areas yoyo and customer service.

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