Getting into 4A

I would really like to get into 4A yoyos but I don’t know what yoyos are good for 4A and what extra items I will need. So my question is what should I get to start 4A and what are some tips for 4A. Thanks

As of lately the yyf flight has been a very popular 4a yoyo. It is cheap ($25) and plays very well. You don’t need much of anything else. Try learning in a spacious place so you don’t break anything. Ummmm… Have fun!

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Thanks I will look at that :slight_smile:

Can I use fat kitty string for the yyf flight?


Hmm not sure if I would use fat kitty sure you can but the flight has a tight gap so it may cause snags

Kitty 1.5 nylon?

Get a fiesta tres or Jt wolty. And use normal kitty or poly normal string.

Yea I find that actually works pretty well

The YYF Flight is an amazing offstring yoyo. Only tip I could give you is, take your time. Practice over something soft, like carpet or grass. Don’t get to frustrated with it in the beginning. Really perfect your forward toss and catch, and move on from there. 4A is extremely fun, but also to me a bit frustrating. That’s my tips to you. Really hope you have fun with it.

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