4A Questions


1st Off: I just received my flight yoyo, and I was wondering if this was correct. It is SUPER responsive out of the box. I am currently learning off yotrick’s 4a playlist, and when they do a fast wind, it just sits on the string allowing Adam to bind. But when I try to do a fast wind with my flight, it just winds up the string like a responsive 1A yoyo. Is there anything wrong that I am doing?

2nd: So since I just got into 4A, I am wondering what all of you recommend as a string type to use. I am not too sure of the criteria 4A players like in string.

3rd: What source should I be learning from? YoYoExpert’s tutorials with Ben Conde, or YoTrick’s series?


I’ve never played a flight, but I think the gap it comes stock with is very small, which may cause the flight to be too responsive. I know the flight’s gap can be widened though, I believe you just have to flip the spacers, but I could be strong, I don’t really remember but you could look it up.

String doesn’t really matter, standard poly is fine. Like with 1a, thicker string for more response, thinner string for less response.

I’d say the Yotricks series is better since the YYE tutorials are pretty dated but nothing wrong with checking out the YYE tutorials as well.


I also own a flight yoyo and I also think the gap is a bit narrow making it too responsive at times. Yoyofactory recently made some extra blue spacers to make the gap wider, you should maybe give those a try. Hmm I have never flipped the spacers, I think you are confusing it with the Duncan Skyhawk which has flippable spacers for small or large bearing, but I can be wrong. I normally use regular Yoyoexpert polyester string and it works fine for me, but trying other types of strings can help you develop your own preferences. I would say mix it up and learn from both Yoyoexpert and Yotricks both are great sites to learn from. I have learned all my 4a tricks from Yoyoexpert and now working on some from Yotricks.


I sort of wish I got blue spacers with my order of a flight. Now if I were to buy it again, it would cost more shipping and would come in later. But eh. I’ll get some of those spacers.


What if you just shim the spacers out a bit with something thin?

  1. I believe the Flight’s gap is really narrow. My brother had one for a period of time. YYF now sells these larger spacers that allow the gap to be widened, I believe. I don’t know where they are sold though.

  2. I use Buddha Poly strings for 4A, which is also what I use for 1A and 5A. I suggest using whatever feels most comfortable to you.

  3. I have learned from both of those sources and from searching offstring yoyo tutorials on youtube as well. I suggest just finding a trick that you want to learn and work on it. It doesn’t really matter where it’s from.


Buy blue flight spacers and use normal kitty string


Does anyone have a link to those blue spacers on the YYE store? My Flight is also pretty tight and I’d like to try those spacers.


The Flight gap specs are on the smaller side but it’s not crazy small compared to other 4A models.

For a fast wind (I like to use my thumb if I can), you probably just need to learn the coordination for keeping the string taut after you release with your NTH. Otherwise if the string is not taut it can wind up prematurely before you try to bind (however you like to). The video from the other site talks about keeping the string taut for when the yo-yo goes upward after the release.

Spacers will help, but I think you should be able to do it as-is.