getting an offstring yo-yo.

I am getting a offstring yo-yo soon and I am thinking of a Bigyo and I have a couple questions.
#1. this is the technical Bigyo2 right? #2. is the plastic tough? as in it won’t break too easily. #3. does it come super responcive? if so then I need some information on how to make it unresponcive. and lastly #4. is it better than an Aqua? any help appreciated.

  1. What do you mean technical Bigyo? I think its yes
  2. Yes. It will not break too easily
  3. No
  4. Break in/clean the bearing:,871.msg7381/topicseen.html#msg7381
  5. Yes and no. It comes down to preference.

I mean that there was an old Bigyo with a bearing that was too small for the size of the yo-yo so it snagged a lot. what I mean by Bigyo2 is that they made another one with a big bearing and the snagging problem was fixed.


I’ve heard bigyo2 is great for OS