"Get up! Get up! Midwest Regionals 2009 Moebius tour clip video

(Zammy Ickler ) #1

Had such a blast at Midwest regionals so I made a clip video to rejoice it.
Everyone tried out moeby for me and some even made quite impressive tricks.
Thank you for those that was in the video!


(Preston Huft) #2

Great vid zammy!


This makes me wish I could have gone. Anyway, nice video. It looks like you guys made some progress on the whole Mobeus idea.


I was in the background there a ton.

Alex was awesome.

(Zammy Ickler ) #5

Indeed Alex was amazing and is STILL amazing as crazy as it it.
Anyways I need to ask, but who were you in the video?
I think I may of never said anything you. Which is really sad
I always like speaking to fellow throwers.



I just kinda walk through the back of the shot a lot :smiley:
This was my 1st competing contest…

And I am 11 so I hung out with the younger crowd mostly…

I was by the stairs to the stage mostly, I think a Grey Longsleeve shirt…


Please Reply! Is it possible to buy yoyos at MWR?!

(George Wollaston) #8

Why would you bring back an ancient thread to ask an irrelevant question? If you have a question to ask, make your own thread in the appropriate forum.