"Get up! Get up! Midwest Regionals 2009 Moebius tour clip video

Had such a blast at Midwest regionals so I made a clip video to rejoice it.
Everyone tried out moeby for me and some even made quite impressive tricks.
Thank you for those that was in the video!


Great vid zammy!

This makes me wish I could have gone. Anyway, nice video. It looks like you guys made some progress on the whole Mobeus idea.

I was in the background there a ton.

Alex was awesome.

Indeed Alex was amazing and is STILL amazing as crazy as it it.
Anyways I need to ask, but who were you in the video?
I think I may of never said anything you. Which is really sad
I always like speaking to fellow throwers.


I just kinda walk through the back of the shot a lot :smiley:
This was my 1st competing contest…

And I am 11 so I hung out with the younger crowd mostly…

I was by the stairs to the stage mostly, I think a Grey Longsleeve shirt…

Please Reply! Is it possible to buy yoyos at MWR?!

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