Gentry's Wyyc video viral?! & Gentry making Headlines (Merged)


Hey guys as you may or may not have heard gentry steins wyyc video has gotten over a quarter of a million views! He caught the eye of tons of major websites like MTV and is doing interviews and possibly commercials!

What are your thoughts on this and how do you think this will affect the community?


Link to the interviews here


Janos’s got like 1.2mil views didn’t it?


Better freshen up the beginner’s FAQ, and have that link handy. :wink:


Probably but this is the day after and its already blown up like this




I believe that Janos’ video was on the front page of yahoo or something the day after worlds.
Anyway, I think some more exposure for yoyoing would be good. It would definitely help a lot of the lesser-known yoyo companies with people buying more product.


Yeah I think its good exposure and if it becomes a more known thing then winning sums will go up as competition popularity does


This FAQ for yoyo beginners


Oh but still sorry I’m confused as to what you mean


While I’m glad yoyoing is getting some publicity, I’m not impressed with MTV’s attitude in that second link. They make it sound like yoyoing is a cutthroat sport and Gentry is the second coming of Christ because 'murica. That’s nothing against Gentry, he’s one of the best, I just didn’t like the line, “asserted his dominance over Takeshi Maatsura”… When in reality Takeshi or any number of the other competitors could have taken the top spot, it was just Gentry’s day to have a stellar routine.

How they portray yoyoing is totally not how the yoyo community acts, we’re all generally pretty friendly and supportive. Although the finals are surely super competitive, it’s good-natured and respectful competition, not a knock down, drag out fight like MTV describes it as being.


Very good point that was harsh worded I think they did it to add a coolness to something non mainstream but I does not have to be that way I agree, if it were to continually be portrayed like that then I’m not sure that its good for our community


Since when is a blood-thirsty retelling (it’s called framing nowadays) of a genial competition, “adding coolness”?


Your not taking it correctly, what I mean is how in mainstream media yoyoing is not “cool” per say. They are trying to appeal to people who do not know much about yoyoing by making it more cut throat then it seems. I personally do not think its cool but when I comes to appealing to the outside they are “framing” it similar to how hockey is revered

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Gentry = Tiger Woods?

Nah. More like LeBron. Can do it all. Can win it all. Doesn’t always win it all, but win he does people take notice.


Haha that’s a much better analogy


Seems like the media is clueless. Goodbye small, mutual, friendly yoyo community I once knew.


Yeah I’m not sure weather this is for the better or worse


Just found out he was also featured on Phillip DeFranco today as well


THIS is what I worried about if yoyoing ever gets big again