Genocide - My First Tutorial

Here’s my first tutorial :smiley: It’s also an entry for the RethinkYoyo Contest. CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM ONLY!

Cool vid dude…

love it!
*goes to learn

Thanks for the feedback guys!

Bumpz? More feedback?

Excellent! I gotta learn that. Some valuable elements there to borrow if you know what I mean… :slight_smile:

I don’t mind :wink:


It’s great and all, but…isn’t there already an older, simpler trick named “Genocide”?

Seriously though, great trick and great tutorial.

I don’t think so. I searched up genocide yoyo on youtube. all that came up was a diabolo combo and my tutorial

Well, Sterling Quinn has a 5A trick with the same name.

I guess its okay, though. It’s not gonna stop me from learning your trick. Good job! :slight_smile:

Wow, I had no idea. Good thing it wasn’t a 1A trick :smiley:


!&@$ I gotta learn that !

I’m guessing thats good XD