Alas, It is I!

The King of the North!!(North Phoenix)

I have been re-gen’d back into the throwing community to join with my fellow brethren in battle!

Let me try to beat you to one of the puns…“you know nothing, genji…throw”

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Welcome back! I’m new here. Could you tell me about yourself?

Thanks and also, welcome to a great community! I’ve been throwing for almost 6 years off and on and I tend to trade a lot on the B/S/T ;D I like tech tricks and always strive to improve. I’ve been gone for a little over a year and just trying to get back into the groove of things again and get acquainted with all of the new throws that have been released. Jensen Kimmitt is one of my favorite players, along with Kohta Watanabe, who I looked up to along with Steve Brown, many years ago when Duncan yoyo’s came with a cd you could put in your computer.

What about yourself, how long have you been throwing for?

Also, for nostalgia purposes…

Heyy uh… who are you again?


Joking aside, welcome back!

I can feel the love haha

Thanks! It’s good to be back :slight_smile:


I never knew you were gone; homie?

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Ummm, yeah, good to see you again. Missed ya. Glad ya could stop, bye. ::slight_smile:

Hmmmm…not sure the full meaning of this message. Thanks? Lol

Hey Doc. Good to see you again :slight_smile:

Woah nice. I’ve been throwing for around 7-8 months now. The throwers I admire are Ahmad kharisma and tal mordoch. I appreciate and strive for clean fast tech with nice slacks. Jensen and kohta are really cool throwers. My most used throw is the C3fingerspin which was partnered to be kohtas and Ethan wongs signature. I’m looking forward to learning with you!

That’s awesome! I didn’t know who Tal Mordoch or Ahmad Kharisma were, but I looked up their videos on youtube just now. Tal’s EYYC freestyle was awesome! I can see why he got 1st place…but while writing this, I took a break and watched Ahmad Kharisma’s freestyle from SYYC a few weeks ago and OMG…that was just INSANE!!! Also, I’ll have to check out the C3 fingerspin, thanks for telling me about it. I’m still getting aquainted with all the new throws that have been released in the last year and a half or so. Also, good luck to you man. Keep it up!