Genesis v2?

Genesis v2?

Genesis lover/users,
u may be happy or excited to hear this, but i’ve “read” a couple rumors regarding the YYF Genesis, so though i’ll post about it.

forumers are saying YYF is making a slightly shallower sili-recess for a possible Genesis v2 or 2nd release if you would like to put it that way… but wait, isn’t it already shallow? players are complaining about the falling off of the silicon in the Genesis.

not long ago, i read somewhere that YYF is preparing small bearing Genesis, 5A lovers!
and also, fine tweaking the original Genesis to fit ring size pads, yes, that means it will use the same pad size as your 888s! now this is a good news for me if its true!
but damn what am i gonna do with all my Genesis…

sorry, no links to the forum threads as it just struck me to post this, so yea, you read it here, so if u’re considering getting the Genesis, know what u want, u prefer the wide pad size? or the ring size? thing is i’m not sure if the ring size is gonna be true, but seeing what YYF did with the G5 series, i’m thinking they would~

i love my genesis, but i prefer large bearing over small bearing
so the tweaking is only for the bearing and pad size then. i like flowable silicon though, so it doesnt really matter to me :wink:

any hint on the release date???

not yet the rumor just got out