Genesis in 5A May

My new 5A video.

intro was epic and awesome 5A dude! you’re entering that in the 5A May contest i take it?

Some pretty awesome 5A there! Liked it a lot. I hope you make more 5A videos soon!

I wish i could 5a as good as you. great video :wink:

yeah, this video serves a double purpose; 1. I was wanting to make a 5A video by BAC anyway. 2. The YYF contest thing was just nice timing.


Awesome video and good 5A. :wink: Just curious, isn’t that the first song the song Miggy used in his 09 Nats?

thanks, and yeah the first part of the video is the same as the first part that Miguel Correa used in the opening part of the song both in his World '09 Freestyle and National 2009 freestyle.
The rest of the song that he used after the first part was a remix of the same song. (which is called Genesis.)