General Yoyo Thoughts

My interpretation of these terms would be:

  • Mint in Box means the yoyo comes with its original packaging (usually a box) and is indistinguishable in all ways from a yoyo that’s never been removed from said packaging.
  • Practically never used means the yoyo was played so minimally as to be indistinguishable from MIB, but was played nonetheless. This is simply a nod towards full disclosure.
  • NMTBS means the seller has not examined the yoyo closely/carefully enough to verify whether it qualifies as “mint” (i.e., indistinguishable from “new, unopened”) or not. Usually this is used to cover one’s butt in the event a buyer’s personal grading system doesn’t perfectly match one’s own.

Since, as far as I know, there is no official yoyo grading system, everyone is left to their own terminology and interpretations of such. Consequently, nobody is using misleading labels, per se, they are simply using labels that match their headcanon.


I understand these statements fully. But I still feel that MIB is a specific description of “unopened from factory”. Maybe “mint w/box, thrown once over carpet, still as it was from the manufacturer”.
I do not feel that any posts of MIB have presented there products incorrectly, as everyone here seems to be very detailed in the representation.:+1:
I just wish we had a better wording for it.


I just should have picked a better word than misleading.
My apologies.:gift_heart:

Sure, and that makes just as much sense as my definition. However, in the absence of an officially endorsed/accepted definition for the entire community, your definition competes with mine and every other definition out there for legitimacy, meaning none of them really matter for squat.

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I submit to your logic @zslane. Much respect.

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for future reference


and this


I feel like Luckys scale should have ended with a broken one labelled dead.:grin:

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Thanks @zslane and @fatguysnacks247, I love it when a conversation stays constructive and informative.

I love the opposite too, but for the absolute wring reasons!:smiling_imp:

tranquilo Mateo

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Still experiencing massive yoyo apathy, more so than any other time since I got back into it at Xmas 2017, I’m not giving up as I know the flame will get rekindled at some point but right now just not feeling it at all.


It happens. Don’t sweat. It’s Yoyo Burnout.

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When ever I feel like I don’t want to yoyo on certain days, I try to think about different things I could do with yoyoing. If I perform the same tricks every time I practice it could get boring, but if I try to mix up what I do each practice then it gets more fun and you won’t get a burn out. Maybe try making a freestyle to a new song, or try 5a instead of 1a, or throw with your non dominant hand. Mixing it up avoids sameness, and it pushes you to keep going with it.


Variety is the spice of life they say

Whenever I get bored of 1a, I practice 2a

Whenever I get bored of 2a, I practice 1a

Mix it up y’all!!!


Yeah sometimes Im like, I’ll learn from tutorials today, and the next day I’ll practice a freestyle, and the next day I’ll only listen to music while yoyoing and do whatever comes to mind.


Strictly 1A here with little interesting in diversifying right now, so not much to shake up other than amount of play time and responsive/unresponsive. Some days I play a lot, others very little. Like the tides, my interest ebbs and flows.


Get a fixie. It’ll shift your perspective on responsive and 1a.


I used to overthink it when I’d start feeling this way about one of my interest but just through the experience of being alive long enough I’ve found I always find my way back to those interest eventually. This has tought me that it’s more like seasons, and when seasons change most people tend not to dwell on it bcause it’s just something that happens that we don’t have much of say in. If you’re just not feeling it there’s no reason to resist, you could just think of it as the seasons changing and go with it, because it’ll come back around eventually. :grinning:

Except motorcycling, that’s an obsession I don’t think is ever letting me go lol. :heart::motorcycle:


Consider playability and price range

  • Marco
  • 2sick promotion
  • 2sick grandmaster
  • 2sick crusade
  • 2sick blockade

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My general thought for today is that I own too many yoyos.

I fully acknowledge this. Having spent the last two years feverishly acquiring yoyos, I feel I have reached a point where I don’t really want to increase my collection any further. There are, however, a select few I would like to trade for. Unfortunately they rarely, if ever, come up on a BST, and since I have plenty of throws ready to sell, I guess I’m in herd-thinning mode now.


I really feel this sentiment. I’ve had to set personal guidelines and limits to stop me from feeling like I need every cool yo-yo I see. So apart from rare exceptions, I only buy yo-yos that fit my preferred very narrow range of specs unless it’s from Jordan of OP/Smashing, Mk1, or Jaime of Throw Spiral. And even then it’s gotta be pretty special for me to buy if it’s not designed by one of those guys. Like every now and then YYF makes something too sick to pass up.

And then I have companies that I just avoid for various reasons. I may have tried a few by them and been unimpressed, or i might not like the behavior and attitudes of certain people they sponsor, and by extension other brands that associate with them.