General-yo Prestige colors


I was lucky enough to get a General-yo Prestige early,The blue mist color. I really like it so I’m planing on picking up another , but I can’t decide which color . The tricky part is different colors have different finishes. from left to right: blue love and orange boo have the pyrimatte finish , blue mist has light blast and purple sage, and classic solid have standard blast . Which one would you pick?

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(2Sick Joey) #2

That dark blue/ light blue acid wash looks sick! Get that


I vote for Orange Boo. That thing is fab.

(Jamesofyoyo) #4

All the finishes are nice, but my favorite finish would probably be the pyrimatte finish. The production Prestige I own is the purple sage Prestige and I love it as well. :slight_smile:


I would choose either Orange Boo or the half Light Blue half Darker Blue.


Personally, the Standard General Yo blast is as good as it gets. I’d take either one of the colorways featuring that blast, with the solid blue being my preference.


I like the blue


Blue mist


I like Purple sage the best.


Well my mind is made up , first pick orange boo. If orange boo sells out to fast , purple sage is my back up pick.