General-Yo Mini-Star completed

Got back from a weekend of engraving.
Here are a couple shots.
The second is a limited Purple heart edition.

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i ike the purple heart edition it looks sick

I want one so bad

They look really cool! Good job Ernie! I hope it plays as well as it looks!

I don’t really care to much for Purple Heart, but they play so amazing. The beadblast allows much longer grinds and it feels better.

New add to the wants list.

That is to cool! I really like the lazer engravings! :slight_smile:

~James Reed!

:o :o :o :o

Need one…

So, when are these expected to drop?

We will start shipping to the stores next week.
Then it is up to the store to get it on the internet.

Yeah, nice beadblasting! Like it, very nicely done!

Are the BA’s going to be in black only? Or any other colors?

Solid Dark Purple too.
Only a total os 31 BA going out.

Cool! Thanks so much for making it in BA! Is there going to be a second run of the Mini-Star?

No plans yet.