General Yo - Majesty - Blue Bada$$ Edition

I always wondered which side to display in my case. I like them both…vote :wink:
Majesty Bada$$ Blue by TotalArtist Yoyos, on Flickr

Skull side. For sure

I know what you mean…both are great, but the skull side really grabs attention. I sort of like name engravings though, so I flip it back and forth sometimes haha.

I think the skull will win this in a landslide :).

No doubt about it, but the question is…how much of a landslide? I wonder if it will be a sweep, or we will have one vote against the grain. Haha

I’m looking for a sweep.

Uh oh yooldman, so much for that sweep. Someone had to be the one! :o



I see my predictions are as good as ever :wink:

I agree that Bada$$ wears the crown…literally. But, I’m kinda happy the right side got a little love too, because that "Majesty"font is so classy. It looks great on a yo-yo.

me… :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re not alone though, several others too. Closer than I thought it would be…at least, so far. :wink:

I like the right better