CLYW x One Drop - Summit - Blizzard


Which side of my Summit do you think looks the best? Vote in the poll above, or comment left or right.
Summitblizzard by TotalArtist Yoyos, on Flickr


Its always going to be the right because of the engravings.


Hmmm…I thought the left was much better. I’m digging the blue side effects…glad I swapped the grey ones out.


Left, the blur of the white and blue looks wick awesome



Left. I love the Engraving of the Summit. Favorite Colorway as well!!!

…Just never owned a CLYW before…

(Erik Kerber ) #6


The Blue Side effects Do look really nice On That throw


Hmmm…this one confuses me a bit. The tally on Instagram was 3 to 7…more votes for the right side. :-\

Maybe that makes sense, if you add that to the poll above…you get 8 to 8…tie. :slight_smile: I think that fits. CLYW voted right on this one. I voted 2 different ways…voted left here, then changed my mind and voted right on Instagram. :stuck_out_tongue: I guess that reflects the tied results too. Just 2 great sides.