CLYW Avalanche Red/silver/blue

Which Side do you like better?

I went with the left…something about that line on the right side just doesn’t sit right with me. Not quite enough red on the right either. :-\

Yea the left is the most balanced color wise

not necessarily regarding balance. I see in the right side this subconscious triangle formed by the red mark and the dots enclosing the center, thus filling the area.

I voted right.

I like the left. That 2x4 3-7 o clock threw me off… ::slight_smile:

Oh yea Your right there is a little bit of a Triangle there

Yeah, I never thought of it that way…but I see the triangle now too. Hmmm… that’s pretty cool.

By the way kitebug…that blizzard Summit looks good on you. You have to post a lot more now so I can see it often. :smiley:

6-8 With the left side winning this is pretty close

Closer than I would have imagined. Just goes to show you, different strokes… :-\

left…it is more…composed

with the kinnda sliver color I like the left side more. with the blue and red takeing up more space. and I do like that the colora arw not broken up to much. so it doesnt look crowded. the left side is awsome too. but the color is in too small of speckles


Right. There is more speckle in the blue instead of a blob of blue. They are both sick tho!

Look’s like left is the winner 13 to 9

I’ll have to start leaving left up when I stick it in my case


Left. I like the clear, thick swirls - the right is a bit too speckled for my taste.

Yea thats what I like about that side aswell but I also like the speckle side quite a bit. :-\

I voted left because of the neat triple line of color that crosses the axle.

i picked the right