General-Yo M10

The General-Yo M10 is being released Tomorrow here on YYE . Anyone planning to buy one ? And what color do you think looks best ?

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Oh no! I spent all my money on Black Friday, probably going to be hard to justify spending another $100+ on another throw

Nah, i had one, it was nice and fun, but not the magical float-beast i’d been led to believe. I suspect my expectations were just too high. Also i wish General Yo would find an ano and engraving style and stick with it. Their releases are always so disjointed, which can be interesting, but it really makes the brand look like it has no cohesion or overreaching design elements.

I really like mine. But I already have a BA version and the only one of the new lot that impresses me is the Santa BA one. And I can’t see myself buying another just for an engraved Santa hat. Still, they look awesome. :smiley:

I miss the old simple solid one color or half and half releases. I loved my unengraved blue/grey Hatrick and Essence (although I ended up selling both). The Orange Boo Prestige looked great but none of the other non-solid colorways have really spoke to me. Although I don’t own the Hatrick/Essence any more I would still be more inclined to purchase something in blue/grey again than any of the wacky stuff they’re putting out. Been hoping to see an Entheos like that one day in the BST but I’m not sure there were ever any grey ones at all? I’ve seen black/blue and solid blue but never anything involving grey.

No. For many years the only thing General Yo released were two tone beadblasted yoyos… That was it, for years they had their own extremely well known ano and engraving style. People, and I’m assuming Ernie as well, wanted to mix things up, and now when he does, you complain. I don’t get it.

All the Santa ones were sold off to Ernie’s buds long ago, so that makes it easy for you.

Nearly all of our solid anodized yoyos have been the same repeated colors since the Torrent, 5 Star, and Hatrick. The only anodization that has been switched up throughout the years has been our special anodizations. The fonts used to engrave haven’t changed on every yoyo either, and we’ve been producing BA engraved yoyos since 09. All our yoyos produced (so far…) have similar organic aspects and are all fairly rounded which has been established since the birth of GeneralYo. We’ve even kept the tradition blast thing going on most our yoyos. Although I’m aware my opinion is biased, I’m going to disagree with you. We’ve stayed pretty stagnant in style, especially when compared to other companies who switch up the font, ano, and blast with every other throw (which is not a negative thing either).

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