General-Yo - KLR - Aman Colorway


Well this is my first time posting in the Splash Games, so which side of my KLR looks better? I like the right side better because it has more splash.


Is that a majesty? Looks a lot like a KLR to me.

My favorite side is definitely the right side. Has a much cooler acid effect than the left.


I had to go with the left side, because it’s not so crowded. They are both beautiful, but the left side seems like there are lines drawn separating the green from the purple, where on the right they are pretty close together. Something about the left being less busy and the green and purple farther apart makes it more appealing to me.

I think you’re right, KLR, but I’ll wait to see if the OP wants to modify the title. If not, I’ll correct it later today. It’s a beautiful throw, for sure.


I got this in a trade and was traded to me as a KLR, I realized that this Aman colorway wasn’t made for the KLR. So I contacted Ernie and I sent him pictures and he confirmed it’s actually a Majesty.


1 of 6 aman majesty. We cleared this up in a thread a few days ago. :wink:




I just want to clarify to everyone I sent more detailed pictures to Ernie and Alex and they both agreed it’s actually officially a KLR! :slight_smile:


I liked how the right had more purple.