General-Yo Kevlar String

I want to try it. Does anyone know if they still make it? Can i buy it somewhere else? Or does anyone have any other string sugestions?

I think the only other ones are not in US… wait for the YYE ones to restock I guess.

I guess i will be paitent. :frowning:

And because we can’t post if we do find a store in US, because YYE carries it I think.

General yo was selling it today at cal states!

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well its good to know they are still selling it. But, i live on the other side of the country in CT.
I will shoot them an email.

yah i was there and i won tht one of one badass valentines edition hatrick

You have to take pictures and post!

I wanted that hatrick it is bad@$$! But it was fun seeing how excited you were running around showing it off all day!

I wish i was in cali :frowning:

I have some. got it for my b-day. And lemme just say, they arent that great. twice theyve snapped on my vsnyyc battosai right there on the cocrete. maybe it was a bad batch. maybe there ment purely for the general yo magnum. idk. but they are still pretty cool to have. ;D

I got them comeing with a yoyo I bought from General-Yo sending out tommarow, i cant put a small review up.

Same :confused: Me and Fady are like… the only yoyers in Egypt. Antwan

I cant believe one broke. I have been using the same sting for a month with on issues. I am sorry to hear that I sent you a Pm to find out how it happened.

I love the way the string plays, but every time I use one the part of the string that makes up the slip knot frays itself until I’m too scared to throw using it anymore.

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Just to let people know, I have some comeing in the mail and I plan on doing a review.
Also, A review on a special Torino i have comeing too. They will most likely be together.