General Yo AIGR bearing Review

So I got this bearing today and it is amazing.

The first thing I noticed was it is realllllllly quiet… I don’t know if that means it’s not broken in yet but it is a nice change. It is also the smoothest bearing I’ve used in a while. My sleeper time on it was like 2 min. and that was nice because my yyf locked up and my stock yyj is really bad.

And the thing about using thin lube often on it scares me because I don’t own any yet… so if anyone would tell me if that matters that would be great.

I don’t really know if this is how you do a bearing reveiw

AIGR bearings take a LOOONG time to break in, and when they do, they are LOUD. Before they break in, they are DEAD smooth, smoothest bearing’s I’ve ever used. When they get loud, a drop of thin lube will fix that loudness. They are my favorite bearings.

so how often do I thin lube

Whenever it gets loud or responsive.