Gavin Lent - Sentinel | Werrd video thread

Vid of the now:

Be sure to scroll down to see the older posts.


Once this thread gets long enough I’ll start updating the first post, here’s our first batch of videos:

Gavin Lent’s awesome welcoming video:

Logan Willis’ tutorial video for his trick ‘broken wrist’:

Yu Tsumura’s 3A freestyle from finals at the world yoyo contest:

Eric Tranton’s 3A freestyle from finals at the world yoyo contest:

Great idea! I should make a video soon.

New tutorial by Logan up on our Youtube. What’s that you say, you didn’t know we had a youtube account and thought that we were Vimeo snobs? Well, we’ve definitely neglected it for awhile, but no more, expect to see that baby blowing up with tutorials, clip vids, and maybe even just some occasional sillies from here on out!

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Werrd up.

Thanks for sharing, rsj!

Stay tuned for more tutorials/other awesome stuff in the future!

I should make a video, haha. Haven’t made one in forever. :stuck_out_tongue:

I beat Wilson to posting his own video  ;D

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Slightly older vid of Gavin rocking a Split Decision, but still dope:

2xHour by newly announced Wrecking Crew member Alex Curfman:

Sentinel vid by Eric Tranton featuring Alliance, Wrecking, and friends.

Our boy Logan once again drops some knowledge on a fancy way to get your yoyo back to your hand. Today he shows you how to perform the ‘Broken Sky’ bind.

Gavin Lent just made a rocking vid using the Sentinel. Check it out!

Nice to hear some XX in a yoyo video! and Gavin rocked it!


I can’t get enough of Gavin’s yoyoing. It’s really great to have him on the team.

Yeah they kinda died out in our community. Glad to hear them coming back.

Gavin’s tricks are nuts, I’ve watched this like 20 times.

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